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Family Caregiver

An adult family member, or another individual, who is an informal provider of in-home and community care to an older individual or to an individual with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder with neurological and organic brain dysfunction.

Foster Care

A residential alternative to long term care. As a Medicaid Waiver program, it is available to Medicaid eligible individuals in need of ICF or SNF level of care. Individual families are recruited and trained to provide long term care in private homes. Case management is an integral component, providing monitoring, oversight, supervision, and training to foster caregivers.

Frail individual

Older individual who is determined to be functionally impaired because they are 1) unable to perform at least two activities of daily living without substantial human assistance, including verbal reminding, physical cueing, or supervision; or 2) due to a cognitive or other mental impairment, requires substantial supervision because the individual behaves in a manner that poses a serious health or safety hazard to him/her self or another individual.

Freedom to Work

South Dakota program which works to decrease barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities. One of the most commonly cited barriers is a fear of losing healthcare coverage. The Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) is a change to the traditional Medicaid system that extends healthcare coverage to working South Dakotans with disabilities whose income and assets would otherwise make them ineligible. Itde-linksdisability from earnings, and provides an incentive for people with disabilities to work. It provides an opportunity for people to not have to continue to choose between maintaining needed healthcare coverage or becoming independent and productive through employment.